550W Double Glass Solar Panel

Discover the superior performance of our 550W Double Glass solar panel. With a maximum power output of 550W, this cutting-edge panel is designed to optimize energy capture and efficiency. Boasting a maximum power voltage of 31.0V and a maximum power current of 17.11A, it ensures reliable power generation in various conditions. Its open circuit voltage of 37.3V and short circuit current of 18.18A further enhance its performance, making it a dependable choice for your renewable energy needs. Equipped with a maximum series fuse of 25A, this solar panel guarantees safe and efficient operation. Harness the power of the sun with confidence and reliability with our 550W Double Glass solar panel.


Product Description

550W Double Glass

  • Maximum power -550W
  • Maximum power voltage- 31.0v
  • Maximum power current- 17.11A
  • Open circuit voltage- 37.3v
  • Short circuit voltage- 18.18A
  • Maximum series fuse- 25A


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